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Some notices about us

The Association "Collettivo Vagabondi di Pace" ("Collective Wanderers of Peace", from here CVDP), is a italian association, has born between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004, founded by volunteers with previous common experiences in Balkans, more particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The association is based on the voluntary work of members and its purposes are not-violence, antifascism, the promotion of human rights, the anticapitalist and antiliberist fight.

The promotion of the CVDP's activities is realized in differents ways, from the organization of culture events, to the promotion of social-solidarity campaigns, to the realization of projects regarding expecially childrens and teens but involving also adult people.

Starting from previous experiences of summer animation and in refugee camps carried out from its members, CVDP has worked out the project "Giochiamo la Pace - Igramo Miru" (it means "Play the Peace" in italian and bosnian language), considering the project as the tool for the recostruction of a peace dialogue in a country that still show war's wounds, not only on material side, but and overall on social side. In addition to these purposes the project is surely a place with a strong cultural exchange, a form positively wanted to approach to the diversity considering it as enrichment and growth and not as a barrier

These are the premises that have brought to the realization of the project "Giochiamo la Pace - Igramo Miru", now at its octave summer edition and fortified by winter animation, and others projects that are "Solidackija" (supportive family packs, composed by food and others primary things), "Memorial Ibrahim 'Ibro' Skenderovic" and others again, in addition to a continuos relationship during the year with projectual partners and people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project is based on the animation of youth people proposing them activities, laboratories,play; performed summer school with children, organizing activities to join people and making dialogue possible in a land were war destroyed people inside.

The purpose of this project is to make children and teen-agers conscious of their capacities, giving them the tools to know they can be active subjects in society and they have right to grow free, that peoples are not different but human beings have all the same rights and war is always a no-solution that create only violence.

The project takes from 29 july to 15 august,it's possible to join for one or two weeks

During the camp will be will be formation courses about history and culture of Bosnia, about children, about the organization of the camp.

Minimal age to join is 16 years (for under-age people we need authorization of the parents)

Official languages of the camp are Italian, Bosnian and English. (but all languages are welcomed)

We are interested in have new volunteers in our summer projects to make it more rich with different people and cultures.

Last time to subscribe is 21/07/2011

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INFO AND CONTACTS: info@vagabondidipace.org o igramomiru@vagabondidipace.org
OR Roby: 0039 3290024714 (Preferably after 19:00) - contact Skype: robyjugo